How to choose your first guitar

How to choose your first guitar

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Music Store, Musical Instruments |

No matter if you have just decided to start playing an instrument or you are switching from playing something else to playing the guitar, choosing a guitar may not be an easy task. They come in a variety of shapes, types and prices, and when you first start searching, it may all seem overwhelming. However, there are some steps you can follow, which will not only make the choice easier, but they will also help you choose just the right guitar for you.

Your current skill and learning goals – before buying a guitar, you should think about your current skills and learning goals. If you have played another instrument or instruments, you are more likely to master the guitar as well. Also, when it comes to the learning goals, they should largely determine the type of guitar you should buy.

For example, those who want to play metal music will not buy the same guitar as those who want to play classical music. This is why you need to think of your preferences, and explore the guitar types that will suit your needs.

You can find the information online, but you can also turn to the employees at music shops, which will help you make a choice according to your skills and preferences.

Budget – naturally, budget is a very important aspect to consider, and it is often a limiting aspect when buying an instrument. Fortunately, the price range goes from as little as $100 to several thousands of dollars. Depending on your skills and learning goals you can choose whether you need a cheaper guitar or a more expensive one, but keep in mind that, when it comes to prices of the instruments, the rule is that you get what you pay for. Every top company in Austin will offer you a wide range of acoustic and electric guitars to choose from, so you should visit a music shop and search for a model with the best price-quality ratio.

New or used – if you are on a very limited budget, you can consider buying a used guitar instead of a new one, especially if you are a total beginner. There are plenty of used guitars on eBay and similar websites, but before you decide on the model and type, you should try out some of them, in order to see how they fit in your hands and whether you are satisfied with the sound.

Electric or acoustic – this is another important thing to consider, and it is related to all the above criteria – your learning foals, skills and budget. Acoustic guitar is generally recommended for the beginners, because it is better for mastering the basics, and it is also a cheaper investment because you do not need to buy an amplifier, power supplies, cables and other additional equipment. When you have thought about your goals, skills, the music you want to play, and when you have determined the budget, it is time to visit a music shop.

Go to the shops with a large choice of guitars, such as Memphis Guitar Works, because you are more likely to find the instrument that fits all your criteria, without have to searching too much.